Back In 1984, Marimed inaugurated a break-bulk service between South Africa and the Mediterranean Sea.
The company offered regular sailings from South Africa to the Mediterranean Sea, to major shippers and the rest of the industry with main cargoes carried being granite, steel, wood pulp, KLB, and bulk.

Marimur Services

In the late 90’s the Marimur service was established as a joint venture with MUR. The service provides regular full load break bulk shipments from East and South Africa to Spain, East & West Mediterranean Sea, Adriatic and Black Sea ports.

The service operates chartered, geared vessels between 25-55,000 DWT on a regular basis with an average of 1-2 vessels per month. Basic cargoes are Granite blocks, steel products, aluminum ingots, project cargoes & several bulk parcels.

For the last 30 years, Marimed has specialized in the commercial management of shipping in break-bulk and parcel services, providing reliable and flexible solutions to the international and South African trading community. The office is located in Johannesburg and is responsible for operating the above services and providing efficient and reliable shipping solutions to the local trading community.