Shipping & Logistic

For the last 50 years, Marimed has specialized in the commercial management of shipping in break-bulk , parcel services, heavy lift and project cargoes, providing reliable and flexible solutions to the international  trading community.

Solar energy & Water treatment

Marimed Solar energy is a specialized solar
company with wide experience in the photovoltaic market.

Real Estate

Our international real estate activities consist of same residential properties rented out as well as commercial properties and a joint venture involved in the construction of offices & medical clinics in the United States


With our owned advanced pressurized aircraft, we are equipped to provide international private flights & executive flight service.

Our varied history has given us a unique experience in the handling and management of all the aspects of modern shipping, enabling us to offer our customer a valuable service providing a sustainable base for growth.

As a fully integrated shipping business, Marimed is ideally positioned to meet the world’s growing demand for affordable, high-quality shipping and to capitalize on global trends in emerging markets. Integration enables us to supply global needs efficiently and create value in a variety of market conditions

Break-Bulk Shipping Services

The most important aspect of the Group’s activities is the liner services. Marimed offers regular bulk and break-bulk services between key geographical areas. Vessels utilized are time chartered, especially suitable for the bulk and break-bulk cargoes as warranted by the trade.

Time Charter Operations

Originally pure technical operation acting on behalf of third party ship owners, Marimed’s strategy has evolved throughout time, to become a ship operator. Its past expertise remains and plays an essential role in Marimed’s ability to offer its customer (whether ship owners or charterers) valuable services, where no aspect is left to chance.

Marimed operates on a daily basis a varied fleet of vessels ranging from small handy-size up to Supramax vessels. In association with our portfolio of ship-owners, we offer an efficient service.

Commercial & Technical Management

Technical management, in addition to commercial management, was part of the Marimed Group’s initial activities. We have developed considerable know-how in respect to crewing and ship maintenance of dry bulk tonnage. Our Group can act as technical advisor to interested parties in the shipping and logistics fields.