Since its creation in 1970, Marimed has consistently demonstrated a resilient and enterprising culture. The company has established and maintained its presence in break-bulk ship operations, serving its growing clientele and is also involved in Real Estate, Aviation, and other diversified international businesses.

In the early years, the emphasis was on ownership and technical management. However, as the market has changed, Marimed has adapted and has been focusing in the last two decades of commercial operations and management, mainly in dry bulk. Marimed’s wealth of experience nevertheless remains and the company is ready at any given time to extend the variety of services it provides to all clients and to other segments of the shipping industry.

As the shipping market is extremely volatile, an efficient and devoted staff has created a very flexible organization, able to adapt quickly to changes and to make a difference.
The Marimed organization is decentralized yet integrated and is supported by a strong, loyal and reliable team which in a professional manner is driven by the desire to obtain extensive business for the company and increase its clientele.

The principles of the company are based on the genuine knowledge and great experience of our organization, in addition to the enthusiasm, devotion, and dedication to achieve the targets set by the management.

At Marimed we are always open to new ideas and ways of conducting and improving business. Whatever our clients’ needs, we at Marimed are present to provide the best and most efficient solution, ensuring the punctual fulfillment of any contract attained.

Marimed’s global team spreads across five continents brings best practice and local expertise together to fuel continued growth and propel expansion in high potential markets, reaping economic benefits for all its various clients.

With our partners, we seek to utilize one another’s comparative advantage and build solid new trades and services. All our joint ventures are established on a reciprocal basis with equal status and equal shares to each of the partners.