Solar Energy

Marimed Solar energy is a specialized solar company with wide experience in the photovoltaic market.

Using high quality automated European production lines enables us to supply one of the best photovoltaic modules in the market.

Our panels are tested by Electroluminescence (EL) inspection machines, which adds value and assurance to our high-quality panels.

Marimed Solar is immersed in the development and exploration of the rapidly growing “Floating” solar panels field and believes it will serve as the most prominent function in the future.

We are using grade A (PERC) high-efficiency solar cells with positive tolerance power output.

We offer our customers project designing, engineering, constructing, commissioning, monitoring and lifetime technical support.

Water treatment

Marimed is invested in the development of the water purification sphere while harnessing state of the art technology to maximize efficiency.

We provide a range of advanced water purification technologies with All systems are manufactured to ISO 9001 quality standards, with additional accreditation being provided to meet the specific requirements of industry sectors such as pharmaceutical, food and beverage and chemical processing.

our solutions meet the challenges presented by different water sources and working conditions, all year round.

When you want a high performance filtration system, contact us.